Trash + Organic Waste
The Smallest Footprint Available
To Solve your organic waste & Trash Problem
Trash Problem?
Throw it in the slammer.

Our unique 3-step program simplifies the sorting, storage, and removal of trash and recyclables:

  • The Slammer compacts trash at a 10:1 ratio producing a 35-75 lb. bag of trash
  • Our unique cardboard tote produces a 45 lb. bale of cardboard
  • Only requires a 120 volt electrical connection
  • Rolling totes make sorting and transporting trash and recyclables simple
  • Totes are color-coded and labelled to make recycling compliance easy
  • Dimensions: H: 74" W: 40.5" D: 28.5"
Organic Waste?
Feed the orca.
  • Aerobically processes over 150lbs of food waste a day
  • Improves employee safety
  • Recycles food waste on-site into renewable resources
  • Reduces the cost and transportation of food waste
  • Easy installation - only need a 120 volt electrical connection, cold water, and a 3" drain
  • No odor or pests
  • Online diversion portal to review your sustainability statistics
  • Dimensions: H: 42.5" W: 32" D: 23"
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