Trash + Cardboard
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The issue

Cities throughout the country have passed “Zero Waste” legislation, forcing all businesses to change how they manage their trash. New Recycling Laws in New York City now require all businesses to sort their trash and recyclables. Failure to comply is resulting in costly fines, which is causing headaches for management and staff. In addition to recycling regulations, many facilities face limited space issues. An entire room dedicated to sorting trash isn’t feasible for most companies, and then there’s the time it takes to do so!

the solution

Thankfully, we’ve got a program that’ll let you throw all those problems in the slammer! The Slammer Program is a three-step system that takes the headache out of sorting and discarding your trash. We offer a complete solution that covers all your equipment, service, maintenance, signs, bags and straps in a monthly fee, which ensures that you are always in compliance. The Slammer also creates a functional trash room in the smallest of spaces.

The Vertical Stockroom Baler.

When you need a common sense answer to your daily waste problem, you need the M42BC Stockroom Baler. Features include:

  • Small size with incredible strength and durability
  • Will handle a variety of materials in the harshest of environments
  • Fast 12‐second cycle time
  • Powerful 4” cylinder with heavy-duty 1½” rod for long life
  • Energy efficient motor for low operation costs and long life
  • Enclosed counterbalance for upper door lifting ease
  • Standard non-locking casters
  • The M42BC can be rolled through a 3’ x 7’ doorway for easy installation
Our 3 step process

1. evaluation

To start, we’ll evaluate your current sorting practices, how much trash your facility produces, what percentage of that trash is recyclable, and how you manage and discard your trash. Based on analysis, we will provide the right solution.

2. installation

Next, we’ll install a Slammer in your facility. The Slammer is a complete trash sorting and space-saving solution that’s made in the USA with American components.

3. support

Finally, we provide ongoing support and training for all your staff. We supply all the proper signage, bags, and technical support so that you are in compliance with the new laws.
Trash Problem?
Just throw it in the slammer!