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Slammer Trash Compactor Spreads Awareness of NYC Zero-Waste Initiative for 2030

Slammer Trash Compactor Spreads Awareness of NYC Zero-Waste Initiative for 2030
Eco-friendly company,, works to spread awareness of the upcoming “going-green” initiatives in NYC set to go into effect in 2030


(New York, NY) The New York City Mayor launched a zero-waste initiative in February of 2016 to encourage venues, organizations and more to help achieve the goal of eliminating waste going to landfills by the year 2030. Building on this ambitious goal, the city has launched several new laws and taken steps to put the city in a position to eventually achieve these goals.

Helping to encourage and boost awareness about this eco-friendly move, Slammer Trash Compactor is actively working to ensure everyone is aware of the goals in place and what steps need to be taken to reach them.

“The initial NYC Recycling Laws went into effect in January of 2017,” stated company representative Artie Rode. “On this date, the cities Organic Laws went into effect, which affects arenas with more than 15,000 seats, food manufacturers with over 25,000 square feet of space, hotels with more than 150 rooms and food wholesalers made up of more than 20,000 square feet. With this law, all Organic Waste material from plant trimmings and food scraps was required to be disposed of by anaerobic or aerobic digestion, which is something ORCA provides assistance with.”

In August of 2017 another set of laws went into effect, the Business Recycling Laws. These affect all commercial businesses and is the area that Slammer offers invaluable services. When large amounts of food waste must be disposed of properly, Slammer and ORCA work together to solve the issue, providing unprecedented Commercial Waste Management services, from a company dedicated to making the world a cleaner and greener place.

“We have partnered with ORCA to ensure clients have the waste management services they need to not only comply with existing laws but also to help work toward the goal set to be achieved in 2030,” continued Rode. “Our team is dedicated to eco-friendly solutions and demonstrating this dedication with the services and solutions we offer.”

Additional information about the latest organic waste laws, the ORCA and Slammer partnership and other developments can be found by visiting the company’s website.


The Slammer is a company that takes pride in making it easy for businesses and companies of all sizes to go green. Each unit provided by this company is space-saving and takes care of commercial waste management needs. With these services, achieving a greener company that is compliant with all laws in place is easier than many imagine.

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