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Proposed Expansion of the NYC Recycling Laws, Coming to a Restaurant Near You!

When Mayor Bill de Blasio launched his zero waste to landfills initiative in 2015, most
businesses didn’t pay much attention. After the first wave of laws went into effect in August
2017, it was still business as usual. As the laws continue to expand it is going to get harder for
food establishments to ignore. In October 31, 2017, a hearing was held to expand organic
waste separation to large food retailers and food service establishments. This should be the
first real warning to NYC restaurants to start rethinking how they manage their organics and
trash because it is only a matter of time before all food establishment throughout the city will be
impacted. The Slammer and ORCA companies have been successfully solving this problem for
restaurants looking to be proactive in reducing their organic and trash/cardboard footprint. Click Here to learn more.