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Slammer & Orca – A Complete Waste Solution

In today’s society leaving a small ecological footprint is important for many businesses. According to New York City’s new law, all NYC businesses are now required by law to sort their trash, and to recycle certain materials through a private carrier. It is now illegal to mix recyclables with garbage in the same container or compartment in a truck, which can cause headaches for your management and staff. The goal is for the city to reduce the amount of trash it sends to landfills down to zero.

Our unique 3-step Slammer program simplifies the sorting, storage, and removal of trash and recyclables.
This system allows businesses to be in compliance with the new recycling laws without breaking the bank. The system is also compact, perfect for businesses without the space to dedicate an entire room for sorting garbage.

For restaurants and other businesses that generate organic waste there is another way to be a green business is to better dispose of your organic waste our solution: The Orca. Especially in New York, space is a luxury most businesses cannot afford. The Orca is a compact, cost and energy efficient way to recycle up to 150 lbs of food waste on-site a day.

Sustainability is the future and to bring your business up to speed. The Slammer and The Orca are both solutions to your business’s trash problem. Contact us for an evaluation today!