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New NYC Recycling Laws

A new law in effect for New York City dictates that all NYC business are now required by law to sort their trash, and to recycle certain materials through a private carrier.

In order to be in compliance for the new law NYC Department of Sanitation requires businesses to post a sign identifying all carters you utilize and what materials they collect. For recyclables a sign must indicate how those recyclables are collected whether it be source-separated, co-collected or single stream. The sign should be visible from outside of the building.

If you plan on not using a private carter for your recyclables you must obtain a registration from the NYC Business integrity Commission.

If you are a property owner or building management it is your responsibility to notify tenants, at least annually, about the recycling and waste management policies of the building. These policies must be compliant with the new rules.

As far as set up goes, all waste containers for employees and customers must have a label stating what material type the container is being used to collect. Recyclable material must be kept separate from garbage at all times. Signs must be posted in maintenance, public and staff areas describing how recyclables should be separated.

Due to these regulations, it is actually illegal to mix recyclables with garbage in the same container or compartment in a truck, which can cause headaches for your management and staff. In addition to recycling regulations, many facilities face limited space issues as entire room dedicated to sorting trash is not feasible.

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