Too much trash?
Just throw it in
the slammer.
Sort it. Slam it. Chuck it.
An all-in-one solution to your trash problem.

Cities throughout the country have passed new legislation that requires all businesses to sort their trash before disposing of it.


Our unique design compacts loose trash bags into a heavy-duty tote at a 10:1 ratio. This process produces a 35-50 lb bag that can be easily transported to a dumpster or the street for pick-up.

space saving

Many facilities struggle with the amount of space that loose trash and cardboard require for storage before disposal. This issue often results in added handling times, increased hauling costs, and costly storage violations.

Here's why our solution is a Slam Dunk.

Reduce your trash footprint.

Minimize Trash Handling Time.

Hauling Cost.

Costly Fines

The Slammer in Action
The Issue

Shortly after this innovative eco-friendly hotel opened, they quickly realized that they didn't have enough space to sort/manage the trash and recyclables being generated by the hotel and restaurant. As is the case with many New York properties, finding the space was the problem. Their design consultant called on Slammer to solve their problem.

The Evaluation

Our team conducted an on-site evaluation and realized that they were generating a significant amount of mixed trash, recyclables and cardboard that was being stored in laundry totes in a service hallway. We observed several violations caused by improper sorting and storage.

The Solution

Our teamed worked closely with their engineer and consultant to implement a complete solution. Together, we identified a small storage closet that we converted into a waste management area. The Slammer is designed to operate in small spaces. We implemented a compliant sorting process using our color-coded and labeled totes to make the entire process simple and effective. Our unit reduced their six large laundry totes into four small Slammer totes that are sorted, compacted, and stored in the same space until pick-up. Their waste area is now in full compliance.